Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past

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  • What are the True Causes of Climate Changes?

  • Why & When will our Weather get Worse?

  • How was Advanced Civilisation destroyed around 10,000BC?

  • What Evidence is there for Advanced Technology in Ancient Times?

  • What was the function of the Great Pyramid?

  • Why is Human DNA changing?

  • Is Humanity Evolving?

In this fascinating presentation, Mike Pettigrew investigates the answers to these important questions.



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 Topics Include:

  • The Reasons for Global Climate Change

  • Solar Cycles

  • Precession of the Equinoxes

  • Earth Crustal Displacement

  • Pole Shifts

  • Global Myths of a Flood

  • Atlantis

  • Ancient Enigmas

  • Advanced Technology in Ancient Times

  • Viktor Shauberger

  • Technologies of Ancient Egypt

  • The Purpose and Function of the Great Pyramid

  • The Indigo Children

  • Earth Changes

  • Karma

  • Prophesy

  • Changes in Human Consciousness



”I have been mesmerised for the past few days since listening to Earth Changes & Our Hidden Past. You have researched the subjects incredibly well and the implications for everyone on the planet are truly immense. Thank you so much!”

Mark Mulvey (Metaphysical Tour Guide & Facilitator)


”The Audio Tape was fascinating! So very well researched and presented in a highly professional and scientific manner. Although I have always had a great interest in these subjects, there was so much I did not know!”

Majella Fagan (Healing Therapist & Tutor)


“Thanks for the tapes. I have listened to them and they are very ,very good. They should certainly help people think!”

Terry Wilson (Medical Intuitive, Healer & Medium)

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